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LILA LOVES IT - Cleanies

LILA LOVES IT - Cleanies


Washable cleaning pads for dogs – why use them?


The idea for our CLEANIES came to our Managing Director Stefanie Diem during her own make-up removal routine. We’re familiar with cleansing pads, especially when it comes to removing make-up residue after a long day. Totally absurd, considering that at LILA LOVES IT we actually only ever think of our dogs. However, something that is helpful in human hygiene routines can also be useful when it comes to our dogs.

We support many of our animals’ cleaning activities with LILA LOVES IT products and, if necessary, a cotton pad or a handkerchief – especially when it comes to eye or ear care.

Our CLEANIES are designed to put an end to disposable cosmetics. This ensures that not only using CLEANIES in general, but also maintaining an eye and ear care routine, becomes even more sustainable. The pad itself is made of a super-fluffy bamboo and viscose mixture and is therefore particularly gentle, even soothing on the skin. After use, the pads can easily be washed at 40°C in a washable cotton bag.

  • Clean especially gently
  • Washable at 40° C
  • Primarily for eye and/or ear care
  • Also available in a corresponding set
  • Also for puppies
  • Practical everyday helper
  • Also for on the go
  • Our CLEANIES can be purchased separately as a pack of 4 in a practical sisal pouch.
Only 2 left in stock
  • After treating sensitive skin (e.g. ears, eyes), if necessary, moisten the CLEANIE and gently remove any remaining cleaner fluid.

    Can also be used to apply cleaners, tinctures or creams.

    CLEANIES washing instructions: After use, the pads can easily be washed at 40°C in the enclosed cotton bag.

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