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Hello! I’m Neil,
the founder of McAdams

I started making McAdams at my home for my labrador, George. He has a very delicate tum and didn’t get on at all with other pet foods - I just couldn’t find anything that was right for him. So I began creating recipes in my kitchen using whole chicken, sweet potatoes and vegetables, mincing and mixing the ingredients then baking in my oven.

Today, our ovens are a lot bigger, but we still cook McAdams the same way - we don’t make kibble, we bake biscuits using only fresh meat. If your pet enjoys McAdams, we’d love to hear.

You aren’t just giving your dogs and cats kibble when you feed them with McAdams. Our biscuits are unique – gently baked in gas-fired ovens at low temperatures and made with free range British meat from farms we know and trust. All our food is blended with the finest natural ingredients and carefully selected fruit and vegetables