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A Swiss Pet Food Startup Company based in Zurich

Dr. Maria de Bettencourt Tavares, an expert in Biomedical Sciences and Food Ingredient Development, founded Loonawell in February 2020

Loonawell was born from Maria’s personal disappointment and frustration, after she had repeatedly tried to find healthy dog food and treats for Luna, her Westie, and could not. With her professional background she could very well distinguish what is a good product, from one that sounds good but in fact, it is not.


LOONAWELL dog treats are
organic and EU-Bio certified and every ingredient used is of Human-Grade quality.

LOONAWELL treats are freshly baked every week and last 2 months unopened.

And there are also benefits to the owner: as all products of LOONAWELL, The treats come in small elegant sachets, that preserve the freshness of the treats while making it easy to carry them around.


Discover Loonawell

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