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Churpi Dog - Natural Canine Treat

Churpi Dog - Natural Canine Treat

PriceFrom CHF10.00

Churpi Natural Canine Treat, Much more than a Snack! While your dog enjoys chewing,


Churpi products originate in the Himalayan mountains.

They are made from a creamy yak milk mixture. These yaks feed on pollution-free grass and drink water of maximum purity, so we get chewable snacks for unique and exclusive dogs, 100% natural and easy to digest.


Veterinarians know that a complete and balanced diet is essential for our pet.

To meet the nutritional needs of our dog we need a healthy, natural and very appetizing diet, so that they can develop their full potential. That is why they trust Churpi and recommend him to his patients.


Long Lasting

As a long lasting durable chew, Churpi bars are the perfect healthy snack entertainment for your dog. Your dog will have to gnaw and soften them patiently in his mouth, consume them little by little, and get long hours of fun and entertainment.

Churpi’s longevity has proven to be very helpful in keeping the dog entertained and in reducing anxiety in the dogs that suffer from it.


Churpi Natural Canine Treat is an excellent nutritional supplement for any size adult dog and 4 month puppies or older.


  • Qualities and Benefits

    Churpi bars are irresistible to the palate.

    In addition, its nutritional properties provide important benefits for your dog:

    • CALCIUM, actively contributes to the development of bones and teeth.
    • POTASIUM, regulates the nervous system and prevents fatigue, muscle weakness and cramping.

    • ZINC, favors development/growth, softens the skin and improves your immune system.
    • BIOTIN, promotes cell growth and digestive metabolism.
    • FOLIC ACID, reduces the risk of heart disease and cancer.

    • VITAMINS A, B1, C, D, E and K, increase the production of red and white blood cells and improve vision.

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