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DWAM - Joplin Urban Dog Collar

DWAM - Joplin Urban Dog Collar

Preisab 69,90 CHF

Enhance Your Pup’s Natural Charm

Steal the show with this work of art in collar form. Whether they are bounding around the dog park, or splashing in a country stream, the Joplin collar is a practical comfortable dog-walk piece. 

The Joplin is a beautiful brown leather collar made for all occasions, and designed to handle anything. The Joplin from the Urban collection is made of the best leather and finished with handmade details


Comebine it with the matching Joplin Dog Leash 

  • ❤︎ Strong, flat leather leash design to ensure you can keep him safe when he says hello to everyone he meets.

    ❤︎ Heavy-duty ‘lobster claw’ hook for extra leash security – once your little guy is leashed, he stays securely on the leash, regardless of his size.

    ❤︎ Handle is lined with super-soft fleece, so that walking is comfortable for you too.

    ❤︎ Lovingly handstitched in turquoise for added strength and durability.

    ❤︎ Hand-studded with solid brass.

    ❤︎ Comes complete with our DWAM signature


  • Due to the robust quality of both fabric, leather and parts our collars remain beautiful. The leather surface can easily be treated with saddle grease, the fabric surface with green soap. Does your dog like to swim in the sea? We advise you to remove the leather collar because leather and salt are not a good combination. Has the leather been in contact with salt? Then rinse the collar with tap water and let the collar dry at room temperature (not in the sun). A post-treatment with saddle grease or leather balm is highly recommendable. You can clear our fabric collars with a wet cloth. If the collar is very dirty, you can put it in the washing machine, in a washing bag (wool wash program).

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